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10 Reasons Why Nutanix is the Best Platform for Citrix

Nutanix provides a better user experience than a SAN because it does not access the servers over the storage network. Instead, Nutanix data locality puts the data right next to the compute, enabling linear user experience even as clusters scale.

The TCO of DBaaS with Nutanix Era (or Why to Evolve from Traditional Database Operations)

Nutanix Era brings a new approach to database administration that is similarly changing the nature of the DBA role.

IDC Whitepaper Shows Nutanix Delivers Business Agility and Value

A recent IDC whitepaper shows that deploying Nutanix Enterprise Cloud enabled an average of 62% lower cost of operations vs. legacy and alternative environments over five years.

A Hybrid Cloud Approach to Securing Public Cloud

If you are struggling with on-premise security, you would also struggle with cloud security! IT teams are now realizing that my moving to public cloud can amplify your security shortfalls. But thankfully these can also be easily addressed.

A New VMworld Perspective

There he was up on the big stage at VMworld 2006 general session: my creation, VirtualMan, animated by @JerryChen speaking live with VMware COO, Carl Eschenbach.

Progressive Communications Uses Nutanix to Enhance Customer Experience

Progressive Communications is a networking solutions provider headquartered in Atlanta, and serving markets across the U.S. and Latin America. Chris Minton was the first Progressive Communications employee to come across Nutanix.

Cloud-Ready Enterprises or True-up Surprises?

This is the third blog in my series on the You Decide campaign. I invited Steve Kaplan, AKA “ROI Dude,” to co-blog with me.

Nutanix Era: Database Management System Software | Nutanix

Nutanix Era automates and simplifies database management. One-click simplicity and invisible operations in database provisioning and lifecycle management.

Reducing Oracle Licensing Costs

Decrypting Oracle software licensing has long been the bane of IT shops. There are some steps, however, that customers can take to help contain, and optimize, Oracle licensing.

Enhancing Enterprise Agility & Productivity | Nutanix

A study by IDC shows that the biggest benefit for businesses when deploying Nutanix was improved business productivity. Read the report summary here.

Nutanix Announces the Industry’s Only Hyperconverged Solution for Cisco UCS Blades

Buy Less Nutanix!

Financial modeling in the era of hyperconvergence and cloud

Why hardware-defined can’t keep up

Learn why proprietary hardware, once essential to protecting a company’s innovations, now hinders – or even destroys – a manufacturer’s ability to compete.

Making Your Case with ROI

I am thrilled to be moderating the panel, Making Your Case with ROI, at Nutanix .NEXT at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, June 22nd.

8 Reasons Why Moore’s Law is Essential for Evaluating Enterprise Storage Solutions

How Moore’s Law is Accelerating the Adoption of Hyperconvergence

TCO vs. ROI: How to Evaluate the Benefits of Next-Generation Storage Technologies

The Tesla Effect – How Hyperconvergence Solves Enterprise Storage Challenges

7 Reasons Why AHV is the Next Generation Hypervisor

Choice Solutions Uses Nutanix to Mitigate Infrastructure Obstacles & Datacenter Politics

Choice Solutions has long been adept at getting in on the ground floor of disruptive technologies. Choice became partners with Citrix in 1993 and has been a Platinum Partner since 1997.

Nutanix Named a CDW Partner of the Year

Nutanix is honored to have been named a CDW Partner of the Year last week at CDW’s Partner Summit in Las Vegas.

Radically Simple Hypervisor Upgrades

Many of the key product and feature decisions at Nutanix are driven by our mission to deliver uncompromising simplicity to the enterprise datacenter. NOS 4.0 release announced in May

Designing Web-Scale Datacenters Just Got Easier

Nutanix is the leading hyperconverged solution for server and desktop virtualization. Over the years, we have developed an extensive depth and breadth of internal intelligence on how to size and scope virtualized workloads, including VDI deployments and virtualized business applications.

Dell XC Series Launches – and Nutanix Partners Benefit

Mark Brunstad joins Nutanix

Nutanix establishes next phase Partner Network framework

Nutanix Arrives as a Mainstream Datacenter Player

Why are VCDXs flocking to Nutanix?

Implications of the Dell OEM Relationship for Nutanix Channel Partners

We announced today an OEM relationship whereby Dell is going to manufacturer appliances built with Nutanix software. But Dell’s pricing is structured in such a way that the company will not have a price advantage over other partners selling Nutanix appliances.

10 Reasons why web-scale will trounce Vblock

In The Register yesterday a VCE spokesperson said that comparing Nutanix to Vblock is like comparing a glove box in one vehicle to an entire car. A more applicable, albeit fictional, automobile analogy would be to contrast an inexpensive Tesla with a Cadillac Escalade for commuting back and forth to work.

Nutanix Blows Away Industry Net Promoter Scores

No matter how disruptive a new technology may be, if the manufacturer doesn’t provide adequate support, the company isn’t going anywhere. Nutanix strives to back our innovative web-scale IT infrastructure with world-class customer support.

Nutanix Now – Recap of our First Partner Conference

After representing six different channel partner businesses at countless partner conferences during my 25 years in the channel, it was a bit surreal being on the other side of the fence at our first partner conference last week.

All in with Nutanix: DH Technologies

Devin Henderson started DH Technologies with 12 employees on May 1st of 2013 after breaking off from a 3-year old solutions provider in which he was a partner. His new firm began selling Nutanix on the first day, and received a PO within the first week.

Innovation and the Channel

In 2005, my partner and I started a VMware consultancy. Our business plan was simple: Gain a national reputation for virtualization expertise, and then sell to a big solution provider wanting to acquire a VMware practice.

Nimble Storage vs Nutanix: 8 Ways We Crashed the Unicorn Club

Unlike Nutanix, Nimble’s differentiation is evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Learn about the eight most important difference at Nutanix.

Not Just Datacenter Transformation; Nutanix is Also Transforming Partner Businesses

How do you know when a datacenter technology manufacturer has something truly disruptive? One sign is when channel partners start to focus their businesses around selling and implementing the manufacturer’s solutions.

What is the Value of a VCDX to a VMware Ecosystem Partner?

Calling Nutanix a Storage Company Doesn’t Compute

Optimizing Private Cloud Infrastructure with Public Clouds

The private cloud environment is inconsistent with traditional infrastructure and high costs impede agility. See how Nutanix mitigates these challenges.

In Spring Thoughts Turn to Software-Defined Storage

This past Friday, May 31 marks the date when three datacenter players all simultaneously and coincidentally drew separate lines in the sand in terms of defining the future of enterprise storage.

Nutanix and Veeam Help Firms Avoid Disaster

Software is Also Eating the Data Center

Most big data center players still cling to the hardware-based models of yore. But the growing ubiquity of the hypervisor as the new data center O/S means that software-defined technologies will increasingly challenge the status quo.

Moving Across the Channel

After twenty-five years in the IT channel, including positions at six different solutions providers, writing columns for three different channel magazines, and seats on partner advisory councils for several manufacturers- I’ve switched sides.