Xi Leap – The First No-Install DR

By Gil Haberman
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Xi Leap Disaster Recovery


Today we proudly announced the availability of Xi Leap, a Disaster Recovery (DR) service delivered from Xi Cloud. With over 10,000 customers, many of whom standardize their datacenters and remote locations on Nutanix, providing a native extension to public cloud resources has become increasingly important. Extending an on-prem environment with Xi provides a hybrid cloud deployment that eliminates the traditional boundaries between private and public clouds.

While Leap is a cloud Disaster Recovery (DR) service, it isn’t just about protecting workloads and data. This service is a celebration of consumer-grade design, relentless drive towards simplicity, and authentic dedication to providing a seamless experience that hasn’t been achieved before — in DR or hybrid cloud in general.

Xi Leap Disaster Recovery

What separates Xi Leap from other DR solutions?

Traditional solutions require multiple products to be installed and managed to achieve DR protection: provisioning a secondary site, installing a DR appliance, setting up DR automation, configuring the recovery site with the needed networking and security policies. DR to Cloud softwares offer the opportunity to avoid maintaining a dedicated site for DR, but still involve the complexity of deploying and managing multiple point solutions.

Xi Leap Features

Natively built into the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS, Xi Leap addresses these pain points by eliminating the need to install multiple products to protect your environment. Setting up DR automation is done by simply selecting VMs for protection, setting up orchestration runbooks, and initiating non-disruptive testing — all from within Prism! VMs get replicated in the background and are ready to be recovered in the Xi Cloud in the event of a site failure.

Customers’ Perspective

Our focus with the service has been simplicity — from setup to ongoing management to failover. Customers from a variety of verticals who participated in our early access program (started in August 2018) have provided valuable feedback, from which emerged a couple common themes:

Xi Leap Dashboard

One-Click Simplicity: One customer noted, “Nutanix did a great job in extending one-click Disaster Recovery to the cloud. For the first time, DR is simple.” This customer also loved that with Leap there is no secondary datacenter to manage or separate products for replication and DR automation.

Time savings: The seamless extension into Xi Cloud was key for several customers. One said, “Under our old system, protecting Virtual Machines (VMs) might take the better part of a day for setup and configuration. With Nutanix, the process was done in ten minutes.” Since we port networking and security policies onto the secondary site and offer VPN connectivity, networking and other configuration policies are dramatically simplified.

And now you can try it too!

We want more companies to benefit from this innovation in DR! With that in mind, starting today, we are expanding Leap to broader availability. Customers currently have the choice of four Availability Zones in two regions in the United States — US East (Ashburn, VA) and US West (Bay Area, CA) as a target for DR. Our teams are working hard to expand rollout to new regions in Europe starting with London and Italy in early 2019 and other global locations becoming available in subsequent months. We are truly excited to offer new levels of simplicity, integration and convenience with Leap — paving the way to true hybrid cloud deployment using no-install DR.

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