Convergence with Scott Adams


By Dheeraj Pandey
| min

Converged architectures coming out of force-fit consortiums are just that — expensive toxic blobs. You pay through your nose, and what you get is glorified professional services and an overstretched one-throat-to-choke argument for support. The mid-market has rightfully rejected the gimmicks. Scott Adams, the God-of-all-McKinsey-strategists, saw this ahead of us when some Virtualization-Challenged-Eclecticists came to sell $1M equipment to Asok!

Today, everyone and their mother want to call their products “converged.” Moving beyond the hype will require some bolder measures: collapsing complex networks, consolidating application and storage servers, simplifying datacenters, and converging skill sets. When such convergence is prevalent, Scott will be bored enough to write about other toxic blobs such as all-flash-arrays.