The Complete Package: Nutanix AHV certified on Klas Telecom’s Voyager Tactical Data Center

By Caitlin Hayes
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Earlier this year, we joined forces with Klas Telecom to bring Nutanix Enterprise Cloud to the edge with the Voyager Tactical Data Center (TDC) – a rugged, enterprise-grade compute and data storage solution that fits in an airline carry-on compliant rollaway case. After a rigorous testing and evaluation process, we have further streamlined our tactical offering to better support the mission with the certification of Nutanix AHV on the Voyager TDC.

AHV is the native Nutanix hypervisor and completes the ‘out-of-box-ready’ virtualization infrastructure stack. Operators are now able to deploy the Voyager TDC and immediately start deploying virtual machines (VM) with enterprise-class virtualization and management capabilities, without the extra cost, licensing, management, or complexity of stand-alone virtualization solutions. Nutanix HCI combined with AHV delivers a more powerful, yet leaner, virtualization stack that is ready to run any mission-critical workload, wherever it is needed.

Here’s how this complete, tactical solution is changing the game for the warfighter:


In addition to AHV, every Nutanix node includes Prism, an intuitive management interface that provides a holistic view of the entire infrastructure stack. With Prism the creation and management of VMs is centrally managed, rather than utilizing disparate products and policies that add complexity.

From one Prism Central management console, a single administrator at the battalion level has visibility into every TDC in the field that rolls up to the battalion. All management, patches, upgrades, and deep operational insights into system health and resource capacity can be done via a single, centralized management point with “one-click” simplicity.


The Nutanix solution empowers operators to deploy applications within minutes of receiving Nutanix nodes. With a fully integrated infrastructure stack, capacity can be easily added on-demand with a single click and no disruption to mission-critical applications. In contrast, stand-alone virtualization solutions can require separate complex management infrastructures with independent processes to scale-up the environment.

The system can easily discover a Nutanix cluster of Voyager TDCs at the battalion level, and seamlessly expand to accept an additional Voyager TDC and its resources with a 1-click expansion capability. To redeploy or repurpose resources from an environment with multiple Voyager TDCs, nodes can be easily removed from one cluster and inserted into another through through an intuitive “one-click” process. Operators can also re-image or update new nodes to match the software versions of their existing nodes to allow for seamless integration, no matter what version was originally installed.


Operators in austere environments don’t always have time for “graceful power downs” or to rebuild infrastructure environments. When rapid relocation is necessary, the integrated battery back-up in the Voyager TDC can fuel up to two hours of run-time without a wired power supply. At Cyber Quest 2017, participants pulled the power cords from the unit, relocated the Voyager TDC, and were able to seamlessly bring the Nutanix environment back online with zero failures. No data loss. No corruption. No rebuilding. No downtime.

Nutanix software-driven management capabilities are highly redundant and available. Even with a failed node, Nutanix’s self-healing infrastructure will continue to run with limited to no impact to mission operations. Additionally, the risk of downtime for maintenance is significantly decreased thanks to the 100% software-defined environment with rolling, non-disruptive, upgrades for Nutanix software, including AHV, disk firmware, and the hardware firmware/BIOS.


For operators in the field that require data to be disseminated and analyzed instantaneously to provide the most current situational awareness, Prism provides holistic and in-depth visibility for every component in the infrastructure stack – including hardware, storage, and virtualization. This allows operators to make real-time decisions in the field, without increased complexity or data analysis backlog. Additionally, Prism Pro’s advanced machine learning feature analyzes system data to generate actionable insights for optimizing virtualization and infrastructure management.


Because some of the earliest adopters of Nutanix were government organizations that have deployed Nutanix as part of classified programs, advanced IT security has been at our core from the beginning. AHV was built, tested, and hardened exclusively for the Acropolis Operating System. With AHV purposefully designed to be an integral component of the entire stack, the attack surface is smaller, decreasing the points of vulnerability.

Nutanix is deployed with a locked down security posture by default. Powerful automated self-healing and compliance checking, using a Nutanix STIG based on DISA processes and guidelines, are designed to help maintain secure operations with efficiency and ease. The configured security baseline can be continuously monitored from the management console to ensure compliance and protection at all times.

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