OGD Heads to .NEXT EMEA 2016


By Fiona Partlow
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An Interview with Joep Piscaer, CTO of OGD ict-diensten

We recently interviewed Joep Piscaer to find out what’s happening at OGD ict-diensten and to see if he is planning to attend .NEXT EMEA in Vienna this year. Here are some highlights of our conversation.

Q. Can you tell me a little about OGD and your role in the company?

OGD ict-diensten is a Dutch IT service provider. We operate from five offices, and employ over 700 ambitious and highly educated professionals that specialize in the fields of IT infrastructure, service management, and software development. Within these areas of expertise, we help our customers with staffing, outsourcing, IT projects, and consulting. OGD is growing very fast right now—we’re hiring about 200 people each year.

We’re a pretty old company by IT standards, since we started out 25 years ago. But we’re definitely a young company at heart. We hire a lot of students and give them part-time jobs, and then offer the best ones a full-time career with lots of opportunities for training and certifications, and provide them with good benefits. Our new employees are eager to learn and willing to go the extra mile. That’s the feedback we are getting from our customers too, that we work harder and smarter for our customers.

Q. Why do you use Nutanix?

As an IT outsourcer, we have multiple internal OGD teams that are responsible for one or more external customers. And those teams are looking for the best solutions out there to service their customers. That’s why we have chosen to build our services on the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud and a couple of other very cool technologies.

Nutanix has enabled us to build a highly available stack for mission-critical workloads that is easy to understand, so all of our internal and external end users can interact with it without having to learn an entirely new technology. We currently have about 20 external customers that don’t have any IT knowledge. We wanted to deploy a solution that is so simple to operate that these customers could create their own VMs for a project, or expand their environment without our help. We get that by using Nutanix. Not only does our own operations team get to have all of those advantages, our customers and their end-users do as well.

Q. Will you be attending .NEXT in Vienna this year?

Yes, I will be participating in a customer panel session on the Nutanix ROI with Steve Kaplan. I am also looking forward to connecting with some of my fellow ‘Nutants’. Although I’m not actually a Nutanix employee, I feel like one since I have been working with many of them for almost four years now. And of course, I want to congratulate everyone on the IPO and see how everybody’s responding that.

I also want to meet with other Nutanix customers to share stories and learn about their deployments. Some of the experiences will shed light on how we can interact better with Nutanix and learn more about the technology. And finally, as a Nutanix Technology Champion (NTC), I am look forward to meeting all of the other NTCs that will be attending the event in Vienna as well.

Making Your Case with ROI

In this strategic session, a panel of Nutanix customers will show you how to construct a compelling business case for new IT investments. Come learn proven strategies to sell your return on investment (ROI) plan to the CFO and CIO. Attend this session and learn the fundamentals of financial modeling, including estimating relevant IT operating costs, properly accounting for capital investments, understanding cost savings that accrue from investments, and treating labor costs and savings. You will also get tips on how to present and defend your financial justification.

Come visit us at .NEXT in Vienna

Nutanix .NEXT is scheduled for November 8-10, 2016 at the Hilton Vienna, Austria. For more information and to register for the user conference, please visit:

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