Nutanix Complete Cluster Certified on VMware's Rapid Desktop Program

By Laura Jordana
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VDI is a very hot topic at the moment, with many enterprises and other organizations talking about this technology and deciding whether or not it would be a fit for their organization. In the long run VDI can introduce a great cost savings, provide better manageability, standardizing security, etc. However, the overhead involved in designing, planning and implementing a VDI solution can be a deterrent for many.

In comes the Rapid Desktop Program from VMware, introduced last year at VMworld Copenhagen. VDI appliances can be certified on this program, so that when buying one of these certified solutions, customers then have the confidence that they can quickly and easily deploy VDI on a configuration that has been rigorously tested.

The Nutanix Complete Cluster was recently certified on the VMware Rapid Desktop Program. This certification demonstrates that the Nutanix Complete Cluster is a turnkey solution to rapidly deploy View desktops on Nutanix storage.

As part of the test, we set up a View 5 environment and deployed 300 linked clones on a 4-node Nutanix cluster with 96GB of RAM per node and 4 x 2TB shared iSCSI datastores, with a 100GB iSCSI datastore for replica disk. On a separate Nutanix cluster, we also deployed 300 linked clones to simulate the client machines that would connect to the desktops during the test. As a separate test, we also successfully completed a run with the desktops on a single NFS datastore as opposed to iSCSI. With the replica disk at a size of 40GB, the working set easily fit into the Fusion-IO tier, offering blazing fast speeds for each of the linked clones.

The test was conducted using the VMware ViewPlanner tool, which simulates a variety of typical user workloads in a Windows environment. The test requires 5 iterations of each operation and measures latency of common user operations, such as opening, closing, and editing various applications.

This certification further solidifies the partnership between VMware and Nutanix and makes Nutanix a viable solution for any enterprise looking to implement VDI quickly without having to spend weeks or months planning and implementing a View environment.