Introducing Nutanix Next – A Community Passionate About Reinventing Enterprise Datacenters

By Howard Ting
| min
Next Community

Today, with great excitement, we are launching a new online community – Nutanix Next.  This online community is open to anyone who is passionate about enterprise datacenters and cloud initiatives.  As a company, Nutanix has always held strong conviction about the importance of establishing and building a vibrant community.  All of the iconic enterprise technology companies of the past 30 years – including Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco and VMware, just to name a few – recognized early on the strategic value of community initiatives and deployed massive investments to nurture and build those programs.  While I am not aware of any studies conducted that directly correlate the success these companies achieved with their community programs, I think it’s safe to assume the community investments played a non-trivial role in their growth and longevity.

Nutanix is just getting started (as a company and a community builder), but we unequivocally believe the people in the community ultimately make the company what it is. Without the dialog and engagement with customers, partners, prospects, analysts, journalists and even competitors, it is clear Nutanix would not have become the fastest growing enterprise infrastructure startup of the past several decades.  If we don’t expand on that dialog and grow our community engagement, Nutanix will never reach it’s full potential.  The stakes couldn’t be higher because we are building Nutanix in the age of the customer.  At no time in the past has the customer (or partner) wielded a bigger megaphone and more influence over the success of any company, from helping win a deal, enhancing customer satisfaction to helping with recruiting.

Nutanix Next will serve as a platform for you to keep us honest and to participate in shaping the company’s future.  You will challenge us to do better and we will demonstrate our progress to you.  You will ask us to do new things or do some things better and we will use your input to prioritize our technology investments.  You will help validate each other’s ideas, concerns and decisions.  You will collaborate with others to solve problems (or create new ones :)).  Ultimately, the community interactions will sharpen and focus Nutanix so it remains in a position to continue to deliver the utmost value to its customers and partners.

The Nutanix team, which now numbers close to 500 employees and continues to grow at an astounding rate, represents an amazing collection of talent unlike any I have witnessed in my 20-year career.  Nutanix Next is the one place where you can engage with them all.  I am sure many of you already know some of our public personalities, such as Steve Poitras and his Nutanix Bible, Andre Leibovici and his very popular blog, Dwayne Lessner and his IT Blood Pressure blog, Jason Langone, Lukas Lundell, Josh Odgers, Michael Webster, and Steve Kaplan.  But there are so many more talented and interesting people at Nutanix who have relevant experience, perspectives, expertise and vision to share with you.  Nutanix Next is where you can discover and interact with anyone from our dedicated team.

Whether you are an existing Nutanix customer or partner with deep expertise in our products, or know of Nutanix by name only and are casually researching new datacenter architectures, we hope Nutanix Next will offer you enough value to keep coming back and to become an active member.  Building a community takes time and we recognize this is just the beginning of the journey.  We look forward to building and celebrating the Nutanix Next community with you in the years ahead!

Finally, I would like to promote that we are looking for a senior leader to join our team and take community programs to the next level.  This is a high impact role at one of the most successful companies of the past several decades.  If you or anyone you know would be a good fit, please contact us at referencing the Nutanix Next community.