Nutanix on Any Cloud for Any Workload Enables GSK to Simplify, Innovate, and Lead

Nutanix provides GSK simple and elegant ways to accelerate the digital transformation journey. This enables GSK to concentrate on the application stack, not the platforms and vendors underneath. This simple consumption model aligns with GSK budgets and strategy for on premise or in any cloud.

Accelerate the delivery of your strategic objectives by leveraging GSK’s investment in Nutanix technology that is already in use today.  Experience the success already underway and be ready to simplify, innovate, and lead.

Why Nutanix for GSK

Make the most out of your Nutanix investments with rapid application and service delivery.

Mulitcloud Orchestration

Automated cloud migration & management. 


Self-service consumption of PaaS, IaaS, CaaS.

Cost Governance

Financial control to app developers and owners.

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Deliver Hybrid Cloud Your Way

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Reference Architecture:
Nutanix Calm

Nutanix Calm automates provisioning, scaling, and life cycle management for the cloud.

Organization Streamlines Database Management with Nutanix

Learn how Nutanix empowers a single administrator to support database operations across the entire organization.

Nutanix Integration with ServiceNow

Nutanix expands integration with ServiceNow to Streamline IT operations and reduce costs.

Support and Services

See how Nutanix delivers award-winning support with world-class, professional enterprise cloud services.

Nutanix Karbon

Nutanix Karbon enables effortless, one-click Kubernetes platform deployment.

The Power of Delivery Abstraction

Delivery abstraction is a conceptual design built to give GSK a ‘cloud-smart’ capability on any cloud, in any location, for any application, and at scale. 

Automation and orchestration enable GSK to deploy and manage applications in the best way to meet business needs. This dramatically reduces the level of effort needed to administer and operate the supporting infrastructure for applications. 

GSK’s cloud-first strategy aims to bring greater agility to the business. With a cloud-smart approach enabled by Nutanix software, you can seamlessly migrate applications to the optimal cloud based on cost, performance, and security requirements. And rapid execution, along with continuous, proactive monitoring, means your applications always perform at their peak. 

Strategic Partner Ecosystem

Global System Integrators


Strategic Technology Partners

GSK, get hands-on with Nutanix technology today

Experience the power of Nutanix in the cloud, in your datacenter,
or in a personalized demo.

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