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Radical Simplicity and Unlimited Scale-out
for your Virtualized Datacenter.

It's not a dream.
Meet Nutanix Complete Cluster.

Show me Nutanix Complete Block,
the building block of the cluster.

Nutanix Complete Block

Compute+Storage Building Block in a Compact 2U Form Factor
Purpose-built for Virtualization

Show me what's inside

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  • Hardware
  • Processors
  • Memory
  • PCIe SSD
  • Hard Disk
  • Network
  • Software
  • Hypervisor
  • NDFS - Nutanix Distributed File System
  • Nutanix Heat-Optimized Tiering

Dual Intel Sandy Bridge processors (per node)

128GB RAM, expandable to 256GB (per node)

400GB server-attached PCIe-SSD card on each node

300GB of SATA SSD on each node

5x 1TB 7200rpm SATA HDDs on each node; data is striped across disks for high throughput

Dual 10GbE Connectivity

Unifies storage from all cluster nodes and presents
shared-storage resources to VMs for seamless access.

Each node is pre-installed with an industry-standard hypervisor, with seamless
support for enterprise virtualization features like vMotion, HA and DRS

Data is automatically tiered between SSDs and SATA drives,
all transparent to virtual machines

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