Vblock to Nutanix Migration Service


The Vblock to Nutanix Migration Service provides a customized, on-site assessment of existing Vblock environments, leading to a comprehensive plan for migrating virtual workloads to the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform. Experienced datacenter and virtualization consultants spend up to five days characterizing all workloads running on Vblock infrastructure to determine exact resource consumption patterns, service level agreements (SLAs) and application-specific infrastructure requirements. The evaluation also examines existing storage, networking and compute environment to baseline overall capacity requirements. This information is then used to develop a detailed migration plan for all virtual workloads in the environment, with focus on maximizing service availability during the infrastructure cutover, and improving overall performance and availability SLAs.


  • Provides a low-risk and planned process to migrate virtual machines (VMs) from legacy Vblock infrastructure to Nutanix platforms
  • Minimizes service downtime during infrastructure upgrades
  • Delivers site documentation to support datacenter teams once Nutanix infrastructure is operational


  • Full workload assessment
    • A complete inventory of CPU, RAM and storage (random and sequential I/O) utilization per workload. All workloads outliers are identified and addressed individually.  
    • Formal capture of custom network and security requirements (e.g. dependencies on virtual distributed switches), Cisco 1000V vSwitch, or other network function virtualization.
  • Delivery of documented migration plan, including an inventory of the current state, a model of the intended future state and a multi-phase, step-by-step cutover process that accounts for downtime mitigation, dependency mappings, notifications and application validation.

Additional Nutanix GSO Services

Operations Assessment

An assessment of the operational tools and processes currently leveraged in the environment for provisioning of hardware, VMs and storage.  Includes identification of processes that will be improved, a documented listing of the operational tools that can be eliminated, and an estimate of the expected time and effort savings with Nutanix-based infrastructure. All findings and results are delivered to the client in a formal deliverable, which can be leveraged by multiple IT functional teams.

Workload and Application Migration

Nutanix consultants manage the migration VMs and data from existing Vblock installations to the Nutanix platform. This includes any required reconfiguration of virtual network and storage design, as well as VM optimization to maximize run-time performance on the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform.

VMs to be migrated will first be provisioned in a staging environment, where comprehensive validation will be performed in preparation for cutover to the production environment. Typical migration scope includes virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), Microsoft-based server virtualization and general server VMs common in all enterprise datacenters.

Upon completion, Nutanix consultants will provide a detailed report containing details of the Nutanix-based infrastructure, including IP addresses, host names, virtual network configuration, storage resources and more.

Training and Knowledge Transfer

This two-day course provides the foundation to configure and manage the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform. Individuals will learn how to configure network resources, provision storage, and monitor the usage of Nutanix cluster resources from the Nutanix management interfaces. This course also prepares the student with the knowledge necessary to pass the Nutanix Platform Professional (NPP) exam.

About Nutanix Global Services

The Nutanix Global Services (GSO) delivers a strong influence on the success of each Nutanix implementation by its customers. The GSO function ensures success by engaging with customers in the pre-sales and post-sales stages by assisting in their software-defined data center (SDDC) strategy and architecture. Besides helping customers implement Nutanix products successfully, the GSO team, working with our service provider partners, ensures customer success in fully implementing their virtualized and software-defined data centers. The Nutanix GSO portfolio of services includes Consulting, Education and Technical Account Management (TAM).

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